Flatlands 600km Audax (13-14 Sept 2014)

On 13 September 2014 Alan McDonogh, Carl Nanton, Stuart Blofeld and Idai Makaya took on the challenge of riding the Flatlands 600km Audax as a team (tasked with covering 390-mile event distance within the official Audax 600km time limit of 40 hours) on ElliptiGO Bikes.

The four-man ElliptiGO Team got together for this ride with very little pre-planning or prior preparation. Carl was still on a course of antibiotics, recovering from a serious chest infection – and he had no Audax long-distance riding experience at all prior to this event.

Stuart was in recovery from his record-breaking ElliptiGO 100-mile ride less than a week prior to the Flatlands 600km Audax. And both Alan and Idai had done very little long-distance endurance training since their attempt at conquering the Mille Cymru Audax, 10 weeks before this event.

The Flatlands 600km ride was most notable because it was completed as a group/team effort – with the 4-man team sticking together from start to finish. This endurance challenge was the final ‘proving ground’ for the PBP 2015 ElliptiGO Ultra-Endurance Team which Idai started assembling and coordinating immediately after the Flatlands 600km Audax….