Poor Student 200km Audax (2 Jan 2016)

Having done this event a year previously, the 2016 version of this challenge was an interesting ‘experiment’ in which Idai rode with fellow endurance athletes Andy and Tim – in a bid to prove that Tim could actually train for a long-distance cycling event (to be ridden on the ElliptiGO) using long-distance running for most of his conditioning!

A year before, the 2015 Poor Student 200km Audax had been Andy’s first Audax long-distance cycling event (see the report for the 2015 version of the event on this link). So this was also an opportunity for Andy to demonstrate/assess just how far he’s progressed in just a single year of long-distance cycling on the ElliptiGO.

See how the 2016 Poor Student Audax ElliptiGO ride unfolded for the ElliptiGO riders by following the video link above!