Shane Cliffe

Name: Shane Cliffe (UK).

Age: Born in 1964.

Personal Information: Car Mechanic and Garage owner. Have 4 kids, 3 girls & 1 lad (I also have 4 grand daughters).

Interests: Work – as love my job as car mechanic. Running (I specifically like my Marathons) and my ElliptiGO…

Sporting Background: In 1999 got divorced and started running – to clear my head. First marathon was in 2000 – and have done at least one every year since.

In 2014, I attempted Brathay 10 in 10 (10 marathons in 10 Days) which I had to pull out of with a back injury on day 5. Four weeks later, still unable to jog (or even walk properly) I was out and about on my ElliptiGO. From there I rebuilt my fitness and now, after completing numerous distance cycling events on the ElliptiGO, I have started running again, as well.

Why I’m doing PBP 2015: As a person who cannot keep still – and always pushing to the next challenge or to my limits – I feel this is the next frontier for me with my running and cycling. Doing such a prestige cycling event – as a runner/cyclist – will test my fitness, physical and mental ability. And also to be part of such a great team (The ElliptiGO team)!

Something most people don’t know about me: Did no sport at school at all – patch the dog got picked for the football team before me…

Favourite Phrases:

  • “Keep calm, first mile makes the last…”
  • “You need a bad run to make a good run…(or you would never have a good run)!”
  • “Positive thought gives a positive answer…”
  • “The hare and the tortoise…(The ElliptiGO doesn’t always come last!)…”

Other: My Marathon Blog.

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