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My name is Idai Makaya. I am a Health & Fitness Evangelist (i.e. a coach & mentor) with a passion for sharing sustainable, effective & innovative routes to optimum well-being and peak physical performance. I have set or broken a number of fitness world records and you can learn all about me in my expanded bio.

I specialise in weight loss coaching, general fitness coaching, electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) personal training, ElliptiGO stand-up bike coaching, long-distance cycling coaching and general ultra-endurance coaching. My health & fitness coaching services are outlined in more detail on the page below and you can make orders or bookings on this link.

I offer face-to-face personal training services at my Bodystreet Milton Keynes fitness studio and selectively offer remote health & fitness life coaching to clients around the world. I deliver ElliptiGO outdoor elliptical (stand-up) bike fitness coaching plans and supply new ElliptiGO bikes directly to my clients. My ElliptiGO bike coaching plans are tailored to address general fitness, cross-training for runners & triathletes, long-distance cycling, or weight loss.

You can read a few of my personal testimonials on the “Recommendations” section of my LinkedIn page and there are dozens of my personal training client testimonials on the Bodystreet Milton Keynes website and online Google Reviews.

Read more about my fitness coaching services below…

My face-to-face personal training services are conducted at Bodystreet Milton Keynes, my state-of-the-art personal training & coaching centre where (alongside a team of skilled personal trainers & coaches) I deliver once-weekly full-body 20-minute workouts using Electric Muscle Stimulation (commonly referred to as “Electro-Myo Stimulation” or just “EMS training”) technology. At Bodystreet Milton Keynes we also provide our clients with bespoke diet & lifestyle management support to ensure that all their health & fitness goals are fully met. 

The major advantages of whole-body electric muscle stimulation (EMS) training are:

  1. Infrequent training: most of our clients train just once a week (for only 20-min per session) which is highly efficient and convenient for time-poor or very busy individuals.
  2. Effective training: our personal training workouts push our clients much harder than they are able to push themselves in a gym because EMS training addresses both strength & endurance simultaneously.
  3. Low impact on the joints: our EMS workouts are high in training intensity, with negligible impact on the joints, making them suitable for all types of trainees across the age and physical ability spectrum. Even people with serious muscle and joint injuries can train effectively using our EMS system.

Personal training using Electro-Myo Stimulation (EMS) at Bodystreet Milton Keynes

Our personal training methodology at Bodystreet Milton Keynes can be applied to a wide variety of health or fitness goals which benefit from high quality exercise – ranging from common goals, such as weight loss and fighting type 2 diabetes, to extreme strength & endurance sports conditioning. Our EMS technology is the most versatile, cost-effective and time-efficient personal training modality available in the general fitness & sports injury rehabilitation industry.

EMS training is especially effective for improving back pain & back stiffness, shoulder pain & shoulder stiffness, knee pain & knee clicking, and a number of other joint-stability problems. Our unique low-impact high intensity interval (HIIT) full-body EMS workouts allow even people with bad joints and chronic injuries to train very hard; without discomfort in the injured areas and without incurring further damage to their joints.

Personal training at Bodystreet Milton Keynes

Whole-body electric muscle stimulation training facilitates the most complete muscle fibre recruitment possible for every major muscle group, while also allowing trainees to work all their major muscle groups simultaneously throughout the entire 20-minute high intensity interval (HIIT) workout. This style of training engages all the different muscle fibre types – stimulating improvements in both strength and endurance – without a high impact on the joints.

EMS workouts are a very efficient, effective and convenient way to condition your body. And because of the unique advantage of engaging all the muscle groups at the same time, while also recruiting more muscle fibres in those muscle groups than conventional exercise, EMS workouts only need to be done once or twice a week to achieve amazing results. Approximately 95% of our clients at Bodystreet Milton Keynes train just once a week to achieve their fitness or weight loss goals.

How To Get Started:

To book a face-to-face initial consultation & trial session at Bodystreet Milton Keynes (which includes a Tanita body composition assessment and 20-min EMS workout) please click here. And to find out more about what we do at Bodystreet Milton Keynes please follow this link.

Personal training at Bodystreet Milton Keynes

Remote Fitness Life Coaching & Mentoring:

Due to the large number of face-to-face clients at my Bodystreet Milton Keynes health & fitness studio, I no longer offer long-term online coaching subscriptions. My remote coaching services are still available as ad-hoc 30-minute phone or video consultations, which can be booked using this link. If you have any questions regarding online consultations with me, do get in touch using any of the options listed here.

My ElliptiGO Bike Sales & Fitness Coaching Programme:

Fitness training on ElliptiGO bikes (watch a 3-min ElliptiGO training intro video here).

What is an ElliptiGO Bike?

The ElliptiGO is a bicycle designed without a saddle and specifically intended to facilitate a workout very similar to running, yet lacking the impact on the joints which is usually associated with running. It’s also important to say ElliptiGO training is FUN!

Training on an ElliptiGO is great for weight loss, endurance training, leisure cycling, cycling events and impact-free cross-training for runners. ElliptiGO bikes can be used in exactly the same settings as road, hybrid, or mountain bikes (depending on the chosen model) and they can be ridden for similar distances to conventional bikes.

I am the most experienced ElliptiGO bike fitness coach in the world, providing ElliptiGO-based training and coaching plans to help my clients achieve a wide variety of fitness goals (ranging from general fitness to weight loss, sports injury rehabilitation, endurance cycling training and impact-free ElliptiGO cross-training for runners and triathletes).

You can learn more about ElliptiGO bikes, explore the full ElliptiGO model range (with the prices listed for each model), or order an ElliptiGO bike – on this page. You can also gain further insights into the training and lifestyle options these fantastic bikes offer by following the useful links below:

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10. The independent and international ElliptiGO Community Facebook group (where you can interact with thousands of real ElliptiGO owners and see what real ElliptiGO users say about the product, in a private peer group setting).

Jennifer Lopez during an ElliptiGO personal training session (see Daily Mail news story)…

What’s it like riding an ElliptiGO?

One of my ElliptiGO clients has shared the first month of his ElliptiGO fitness and weight loss coaching journey on this link. In those first 4 weeks of ElliptiGO coaching he doubled his riding distance and also lost 10 lbs of body fat. Hopefully his feedback gives useful insights into the pathway my ElliptiGO coaching clients typically follow. 

In March 2022, I was featured on the Global Cycling Network (GCN), one of the world’s biggest cycling channels, when I introduced the former professional cyclist and GCN presenter Conor Dunne to the ElliptiGO elliptical bicycle. The GCN video we made (below) explains what stand-up or elliptical cycling is all about and, of course, Conor and I also did a couple of crazy races against each other!

Next Steps:

Now that you have a good idea of what stand-up cycling is about, be sure to contact me directly if you’d like to arrange an ElliptiGO purchase. We supply ElliptiGO bikes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and you can make an online purchase on this link. If you’d like to test ride an ElliptiGO you can book a 45-minute personal training induction with me in Milton Keynes, using this link. The cost of the initial induction will be deducted from the price of any ElliptiGO bike which you subsequently purchase within the same month.

If you have any questions I’ll be thrilled to hear from you and I can’t wait to help you achieve amazing health and fitness results!

Kind Regards
Idai Makaya