Fitness Coaching

This page outlines all my coaching services.

I offer face-to-face personal training services at my Bodystreet Milton Keynes fitness studio. I also offer remote health & fitness coaching to clients located around the world. And I provide cycling coaching plans based around the ElliptiGO outdoor elliptical (stand-up) bike.

My ElliptiGO coaching plans can be tailored to address general fitness, cross-training for runners or triathletes, long-distance cycling on ElliptiGO bikes, or weight loss and these plans are included in the standard purchase prices for all ElliptiGO bikes which are ordered through my fitness coaching business.

You can find out more about each of these services below…

My face-to-face personal training services are conducted at Bodystreet Milton Keynes, my state-of-the-art personal training centre where, alongside a team of skilled personal trainers, I deliver once-weekly full-body 20-minute workouts using Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology. We also provide our clients with bespoke diet & lifestyle management support to ensure all their health and fitness goals are met.

Our personal training methodologies at Bodystreet Milton Keynes can be applied to a wide variety of health or fitness goals which benefit from high quality exercise – ranging from goals such as weight loss and fighting type 2 diabetes, to extreme strength and endurance sports conditioning. Our EMS technology is the most versatile, cost-effective and time-efficient personal training modality available in the general fitness & sports injury rehabilitation industry.

EMS training is especially effective for improving back & shoulder problems and our unique HIIT-style full-body EMS workouts allow people with bad joints and chronic injuries to train hard without any discomfort – and without incurring any further damage to their joints.

To book a face-to-face initial consultation & trial session at Bodystreet Milton Keynes (which includes a Tanita body composition assessment) please click here.

I also work remotely with fitness clients who can’t regularly reach my Bodystreet Milton Keynes personal training facility and the remainder of this page outlines how you can access my remote coaching services from wherever in the world you might be based. 

My Remote Fitness Coaching Programme:

I use a wide range of remote fitness training approaches with my online clients, ranging from general home-based exercises to gym-based training routines. I have personally relied on calisthenics (bodyweight) training for over 40 years and I can design fitness routines for my clients which require minimal or no equipment at all. Let me know what equipment you may or may not have and I’ll devise an exercise plan based around what works best for you. I always combine my exercise plans with the most appropriate diet and lifestyle modifications to get the best results for my clients.

My 20 Chin-Ups & Pull-Ups Coaching Plan is a specialised option which falls under my Remote Fitness Coaching Programme and is aimed at people who want to develop the fitness to execute at least 20 chin-ups or pull-ups. In this calisthenics training plan I share the training techniques which I developed when I designed myself a training plan aimed at breaking the chin-ups world record (which I did successfully in September 2020).

My ElliptiGO Bike Remote Fitness Coaching Programme:

I am the most experienced ElliptiGO bike fitness coach in the world, providing personalised ElliptiGO-based training plans to help people achieve their fitness goals. My ElliptiGO Training Plans cover general fitness, weight loss, sports injury rehabilitation, endurance cycling training and ElliptiGO cross-training for runners and triathletes.

If you don’t own an ElliptiGO elliptical or stand-up bike and would like to take up this unique, effective and highly engaging form of fitness cycling, I can facilitate an ElliptiGO bike purchase which incorporates my Remote 1:1 Fitness Coaching Package within the standard price. Be sure to contact me directly if you’d like to arrange an ElliptiGO purchase that includes my Remote 1:1 Fitness Coaching Package.

My Combat Diabetes & Obesity Programme:

If you want to fight pre-diabetes or full type two diabetes through exercise and weight loss, or if you have have health, fitness or weight loss goals which you are currently finding very difficult to achieve (but you are not willing to give up on your goal) please book your initial consultation and we can start working towards achieving your targets. I’ll be happy to meet with you (in person, or online) to discuss all the options and support I can offer to help you attain your goals.

There is a lot of research showing that MOST people with type 2 diabetes who succeed in losing a certain amount of body weight (while also improving their fitness levels) have a very high chance of achieving remission of the condition and living completely independently of diabetes medications. Fighting for type II diabetes remission is a passion I have developed after working in the health, healthcare & fitness industries over many years and if that’s your aim I’d love to work with you.

A lack of knowledge and procrastination are probably the two main reasons why most people do not achieve their health and fitness goals. It’s not that the goals are unreachable, we just need a pathway towards them and a commitment to follow that pathway. When you have the right knowledge and support, coupled with sufficient motivation, your goals will become attainable. It is much easier to become fully committed to a journey which you genuinely believe in and your early results will help to enforce and build your self-belief even further.

And that’s why I specialise in equipping you with knowledge of all the different methods available for attaining your specific targets (methods which will be suited to your unique personal circumstances) and I also keep you motivated and accountable whenever your confidence falters (which it probably will, from time to time). I can also remotely provide any nutritional products which I feel are necessary to support your health & fitness journey, so don’t let distance get in the way of our success in working towards your goals.

If you really want to achieve something amazing with your health & fitness (and if your goal is more than just a fanciful wish, because you are genuinely willing to commit to taking action in order to achieve that goal) I will be honoured to motivate and guide you to get to where you need to go. In the end, it’s you who has to do most of the work. Coaches can guide, monitor, educate, train, support and motivate you, but it’s still you that has to do the real work and take action!

Having spent many decades pursuing the limits of human mental & physical performance (and breaking some of the toughest fitness world records along the way) I am especially keen to work with clients who have ambitious, challenging goals (like combating high blood pressure, fighting to get type two diabetes into remission, completing an ultra-endurance event, or making a dramatic physical transformation).

And, of course, I also enjoy helping clients with more general weight loss, sporting and fitness goals. So get in touch with me directly if you are not satisfied with your current fitness levels, or if you are not happy with the results you’ve been getting with your current exercise regime. I’ll help you set new goals for yourself – goals that really motivate you – and I’ll then help you to achieve those goals.

Making a commitment requires taking that first step and making contact. I’ll then guide you from that first contact until you have built up your self-belief and achieved your goals.


  1. First make a commitment by booking your initial consultation (£19.99 for a 30-minute initial consultation). During your initial consultation we’ll jointly develop and agree to a Fitness Coaching Plan to address your goals.
  2. You can then continue to book your ongoing fitness coaching consultations using my online appointments calendar.
  3.  Only for ElliptiGO Bike Coaching clients: If you already own an ElliptiGO bike and want help with devising a training plan, the same coaching approach outlined in (1) and (2) above will apply. But if you’d like to buy a new ElliptiGO bike and also receive 1:1 coaching to maximise the benefits of ElliptiGO training I will set up a special ElliptiGO purchase arrangement (which will include the bike and my coaching package – all for the standard retail price of whichever ElliptiGO bike model you choose). To discuss the details of a purchase-based ElliptiGO Bike Coaching package please contact me directly.

If you have any questions I’ll be thrilled to hear from you and I can’t wait to help you achieve something amazing in your health and fitness!

Kind Regards
Idai Makaya