Welcome to Idai Makaya’s new long-distance cycling blog. Here Idai will cover his training build-up towards the long-distance cycling challenges he’ll be doing on the ElliptiGO in 2014, including the Mille Cymru Audax at the end of June 2014.

The Mille Cymru Audax is a grand tour of Wales that’s over 1,000km long (600-miles) with 16,000m of climbing (over 50,000 feet) and a time-limit of 75 hours. It will be the toughest physical challenge Idai has ever taken on. You can see all the detail on the official Mille Cymru event website. Idai’s full fixture list can be viewed on this link.

In this blog we’ll keep you up to date with Idai’s progress and with his training schedule, to give an insight into how long-distance cycling events can be tackled on an ElliptiGO bike. We start in his 6th training week, where Idai outlines his training programme at the moment.


*Blog Entry 15 April 2014: Training Week # 6 – Overall Training Programme

*Blog Entry 24 April 2014: Training Week # 8 – Maintaining Consistency Whilst Travelling

*Blog Entry 15 May 2014: Training Week # 11 – Hill Sprint Training

*Blog Entry 22 May 2014: Training Week # 12 – Long Rides

*Blog Entry 26 May 2014: Training Week # 13 – Longest Training Ride (25 hours)

*Blog Entry 2 June 2014: Training Week #14 – The Chiltern 100 Sportive

 *Blog Entry 17 June 2014: Training Week #17 – Final Training Sessions
*Blog Entry 1 July 2014: Mille Cymru 2014: The Event