Chris Whitlock

Name: Chris Whitlock (UK).

Age: 49.

Personal Information: Married with two boys aged 14 and 17. Work for an audio visual company as Head of Projects.

Interests: Running, cycling, supporting my sons in their own sporting activities (track, fell, and road running – also football).

Sporting Background: Running and competing in 5K,10K and fell races. Instructor and coach in Skydiving. English Athletics Coach for middle-distance, endurance, fell and mountain running.

Why I’m doing PBP 2015: Never done anything like this before and would like to see how far I could push myself – especially mentally. Always been a team player and would enjoy the support – and helping other members of the team to achieve our goal of completing this challenge.

Something most people don’t know about me: Enjoyed a bit of train spotting in my younger days…

Favourite Phrases: “If you don’t fall off you’re not going fast enough…”