My New Books:

Over the last 10 years I have been keeping a journal outlining my training journey and associated life experiences. I am now editing the journal into two books, each aimed at slightly different audiences. The sales profits from both books will support The Garai Makaya Foundation & Documentary Film Project and a copy of whichever of the books you order will be sent to you as soon as each book is published.

I will keep you updated on the exact publication and delivery dates as the publication process progresses. A number of you have already shown your support for the Garai Makaya charitable foundation by purchasing copies of these books, long before they have even been released. I appreciate your support.

Thank you!


BOOK 1: The first of my two new books is titled Just For The Record: A Story About Going The Distance… 

This book covers the first 8 years of the 10-year journal I’ve been writing and outlines my journey into long-distance cycling, using an ElliptiGO stand-up elliptical bicycle. The narrative explains how I learned to cover incredible distances by bike and details the amazing experiences I have had through long-distance cycling.

There are insights into my cycling journey from the very beginning, until the point where I was setting new distance world records and covering distances up to 1,700-miles in some of the longest and toughest known cycling challenges. The book also explains how I overcame various hurdles along the way, with practical ideas that any cyclist can successfully implement.

You can read a detailed synopsis and pre-order a copy of my new book: Just For The Record – A Story About Going The Distance… on this link.

BOOK 2: My second book is titled Raising The Bar: How I Broke The Chin-Ups World Record…

This book takes readers through my training experiences and shares all the things I learned about excelling at bodyweight exercises as I trained to break the 24-hour chin-ups world record (at 46 years-old). The book ends with a guide to mastering bodyweight exercises using the principles I learned in this challenge. Pre-order your copy on this page.

If you can’t wait for the book to be published, or if you prefer 1:1 coaching from me in my 20 Chin-Ups & Pull-Ups Training Programme, please click here.


You can also find out more about my older book titles (already available) below. These older books are not linked to my fundraising project for the Garai Makaya charitable foundation.

The Handbook of Intermittent Fasting:

Back in 2009 The Handbook of Intermittent Fasting was the first intermittent fasting book to be released on Amazon globally. It outlines innovative protocols for losing weight, burning more fat, improving your growth hormone levels, living longer and staying lean for the long term using the various approaches to intermittent fasting and fasting-mimicking diets.

Home Based Fitness Training:

Written for my martial arts club seminars (during my time as Martial Arts Conditioning Columnist at Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine), my Home Based Fitness Training manual is designed to give you all the information you require on Martial Arts Conditioning and General Athletic Performance. The book is focused on training plans which can all be done at home and covers Strength Training, Flexibility Training, Technical Training & Endurance Training. 

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