Personal Fitness Coaching

My face-to-face personal training services are conducted from Bodystreet Milton Keynes Train Station, my state-of-the-art personal training centre where alongside a team of skilled personal trainers we deliver 20-minute full-body workouts using Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology. We also provide our clients with diet & lifestyle management advice to ensure their health and fitness endeavours are successful.

Our personal training methodologies can be applied to a wide variety of health or fitness goals, ranging from simple weight loss to extreme strength or endurance sports conditioning. And our EMS technology is especially effective for improving back problems and allowing people with bad joints to train very hard, without any discomfort or damage to their joints.

I am especially keen to work with clients who have very ambitious or challenging goals – such as people combating high blood pressure or type two diabetes – and clients with extreme weight loss or sporting goals. We track our clients’ progress closely and accurately using the most advanced medical-grade Tanita body composition scale technology, alongside an ‘old fashioned’ tape measure!

I also work remotely with personal training clients who can’t regularly reach our facility, usually in cases where the clients are located in a different city (or country) and in cases where I feel remote guidance is still going to be effective at helping them achieve their goals. 

If you have health and fitness goals which you are finding difficult to achieve – and you are not willing to give up on those goals – feel free to get in touch with me through the fitness studio and I’ll be happy to meet with you to discuss the options and support we can offer to help you attain your goals.

I don’t personally believe there are many health and fitness goals that the average person has which are not achievable (especially goals related to weight loss and the development of a leaner and more youthful appearance). What matters the most is how committed the individual is to their goals and how disciplined they are willing to be in order to achieve those goals.

So if you really want to achieve something amazing with your body and your goal is more than just a fanciful wish (because you are willing to actually do what’s required to achieve that goal) I will be honoured to help you get there. In the end it’s you who has to do the work. Personal trainers can guide, monitor, educate, train and motivate you – but it’s still you that has to do the hard work!

Get in touch if you are not satisfied with your current fitness levels, or if you are not happy with the results you’ve been getting in your current exercise regime. I’ll be happy to help you achieve your goals.

To start your remote fitness coaching plan use this link to set up your monthly remote coaching package. I’ll be thrilled to hear from you and I can’t wait to help you achieve something amazing!