Don’t Yet Own An ElliptiGO?

Rick B

Photo – Rick Bienias

If you’re excited at the prospect of potentially joining the ElliptiGO Ultra-Endurance Team (but you do not own an ElliptiGO bike of your own) contact Idai Makaya to discus this in more detail and to find out what options you may have for starting ElliptiGO training. Or just GO ahead and buy an ElliptiGO bike (which comes with a coaching package with Idai) here.

If you are already engaged in other endurance sports (like running & cycling) contact Idai to find out more about how long-distance cycling challenges on an ElliptiGO could potentially assist your goals in your other sports – and also to clarify in greater detail how training for long-distance cycling challenges on an ElliptiGO could potentially improve your fitness for those sports.

Further Reading & Case Studies:

If you are already fully committed to another sport – but you really like the idea of doing an Audax long-distance cycling challenge on the ElliptiGO – the good news is that doing such a challenge may actually help you to perform even better in your main sport. So don’t let your commitment to another sport put you off!

The ElliptiGO is a perfect cross-training device for athletes across a wide variety of sporting disciplines, but especially Running and Cycling. Here are a couple of demonstrative case-studies and research findings to verify the above statements…

*In May 2017 Thomas (a well-trained time-trial road-racing cyclist) completed a 200km Audax ride on the ElliptiGO after just 4 weeks of ElliptiGO riding. A great demonstration of the fitness crossover between cycling and the ElliptiGO.

*This is a great case study of an elite runner who did 70% of her training on an ElliptiGO and set a new 3,000m PB. A great demonstration of the fitness crossover between running and the ElliptiGO.

*This case study outlines how Rick trains for elite road cycling races on an ElliptiGO.

*This summary of cross-training studies shows just how effective ElliptiGO training can be for runners who substitute two easy training days with ElliptiGO rides instead. Some of our accomplished team riders only ride their ElliptiGO twice a week – and focus on their running training on their remaining training days (cross-training).

*More case studies about runners who train on the ElliptiGO for running events can be seen on this page.

*More examples of useful ElliptiGO Cross-Training principles & tips for runners.

*More case studies about cyclists who use the ElliptiGO can be seen on this page.

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