Simon Devereux – 2017 Goals


Location: Lancashire, England.

Personal Details:

53 years old, married with two ‘children’ (aged 17 and 21).

Sporting Background:

I’ve always been involved with sport, and have played football, been involved with running, fell running and triathlon. At my fastest, which was probably in my early 30s, I managed a 3hr 3 min marathon and a 37min 10k, but subsequent participation in Ironman Triathlon seemed to reduce my pace to more of a jog! I have finished 5 Ironman triathlons (very slowly!)

Following problems with injury (and a diagnosis of arthritis in both hips) in September/November 2016 I had both hips replaced. I have just bought an ElliptiGO 11R which I’m confident is going to help me regain my fitness (without wrecking my new hip implants).


Simon raring to GO – in December 2016 (shortly after his second hip replacement operation)…

My road to recovery began on Sunday 8th January, with 10-minutes on the ElliptiGO (on the indoor trainer). I bought my ElliptiGO 11R at the end of November 2016, on the way home from hospital after my second hip replacement operation!

2017 Goals:

I aim to fully recover from my hip replacement surgeries this year. I will also aim to become an ElliptiGO Randonneur and GO as far as I possibly can in 2017!!!!


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