My Longest Ride Challenge!

My goal for 2018 was to complete my longest ride ever and set a new Guinness World Record for the 2,700km (1,700-miles) return journey between Land’s End John o’Groats, using my ElliptiGO bike. And I want YOU to be a part of this journey.

I’d like you to also take on your own Longest Ride Challenge in 2018, riding on whatever bike you like to ride. I know we can all achieve our goals and I’m here to encourage and assist you to complete your own longest ride. Let’s all do something special this year!

Please click here to find out how to join The 2018 Longest Ride Challenge. The information lower down this page outlines the important reasons why I set up this challenge, lists all the riders who have also committed to completing their lifetime longest rides in 2018 and also tells you how my own Longest Ride Challenge and World Record ride unfolded.


In 2016 I rode my ElliptiGO bike from Land’s End to John o’Groats (the southernmost and northernmost points of Britain) to break the elliptical bike Guinness World Record for the famed End-to-End crossing of Britain.

My plan for 2018 was to attempt to ride double that distance on my ElliptiGO bike, in a Double End-to-End World Record attempt. The challenge involved riding 2,700km (about 1,700-miles) from Land’s End to John o’Groats – and then back to Land’s End again. In order to qualify as a new Guinness World Record the ride had to be completed in less than 14 days.

Alongside Alan McDonogh (and joined by many other riders along the way) I rode about 153-miles each day, to complete the 2,827km (1,767-miles) trek in 11 days 10 hours & 37 minutes – successfully setting a new Guinness World Record! You can read all about it on this link and the video link below has a detailed video blog which I made during the journey.


My motivation for The 2018 Longest Ride Challenge is to fund a documentary film about my late brother, the skydiver Garai Makaya, who passed away on 11th February 2017.

The proceeds of this fundraising – and/or the revenue to be generated by the documentary film – will be dedicated towards fundraising projects which Garai had supported in Botswana over the years. I feel that such an outcome will fulfill my goals of telling Garai’s story through his skydiving community and assisting the charitable causes which he was so passionate about.

Garai was a renowned skydiver and adventure tourism pioneer, based in Botswana. He played a key role in establishing skydiving as an official sport in Botswana and he touched many lives along the way – through adventure tourism and also through the charitable work he did alongside his skydiving projects.

This documentary film will be about the skydiving community in Southern Africa and Garai’s skydiving legacy, so it will obviously be of tremendous interest to Garai’s sport, to his friends and to his family. But I also believe such a documentary will be of great interest to anybody looking for a really well-made, action-packed, thought-provoking and entertaining television sports-based documentary film (because I will be partnering with accomplished film-making organisations that have already expressed an interest in handling the production of the documentary).

And why make a documentary film, when there are so many other ways we could pay tribute to the life and legacy of a guy like Garai? The reason is mainly because Garai was such a big motion picture fan and enthusiast, so using the medium of a motion picture is something that I think Garai himself would have thought was very cool. For me, it mainly comes down to remembering a very special person in a way which I think he’d like to be remembered – and it also comes down to making a difference – which is something I know Garai would have valued above all else…

This documentary film – like The 2018 Longest Ride Challenge – is an ambitious and audacious project. It involves a huge financial undertaking and I will need to raise at least £80,000 to cover the production costs. That’s the lowest realistic quoted price for making the documentary film to the very highest standards required for it to enter the major film awards (which is important if the film is to generate the surplus required to address the charitable goals of this project).


Please click on the icon below to make a donation towards the Documentary Film. You can support (or become a part of) this project in a variety of ways, all of which are listed below:

1* Join the Longest Ride Challenge and commit to completing the longest ride you’ve ever done! If you’d like one of our #rideforgarai 2018 Longest Ride Challenge wristbands (which you can wear to remind you of your commitment and to keep you focused until you have completed your longest ride) please provide your postal address when you signup and I’ll send you one! A discretionary donation to the documentary film project would be appreciated when you request/receive your wristband, but is NOT MANDATORY!

2* If you are thinking of taking on your longest ride on an ElliptiGO bike, but you don’t yet own an ElliptiGO bike, you can buy an ElliptiGO bike directly from ElliptiGO USA or ElliptiGO UK quoting “The Garai Makaya Documentary Project” in the comment section of the online order form – or by emailing ElliptiGO Inc directly to explain that you’d like to link your purchase to “The 2018 Longest Ride Project” (which will result in 10% of the pre-tax bike price that you pay being added to the documentary film project fund).

3* You can also use your own longest ride challenge to assist in the fundraising for my documentary film project by seeking sponsorship of your Longest Ride Challenge within your own personal networks. With the fundraising spread among all the riders taking part in the Longest Ride Challenge the financial goal becomes much more achievable. All riders who use their Longest Ride Challenges to raise funds for the documentary project will be acknowledged in the film credits. Please use #rideforgarai for your social media communications about the 2018 Longest Ride Challenge.

4* Consider taking up a personal training package to help prepare you for your longest ride. Many of you will be aware that I have extensive experience of preparing ultra-endurance athletes for the most challenging  long distance rides in the world. Examples of some of these athletes are shown on the ElliptiGO Ultra-Endurance Team Roll of Honour and the case studies outlined on this Ultra-Endurance Training page show what can be achieved in just a few months of focused training.

5* Skydivers (and any of Garai’s friends who read this) please come forward and let me know if you’d be happy to be considered as an interview subject for this documentary. If you know anyone else whom you think would be a relevant interview subject for the documentary please direct me to them as well. And if you have interesting video footage of Garai (which you think could be of potential use in the documentary) please get in touch.


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Below is a listing of all the riders who have officially committed to the 2018 Longest Ride Challenge. You can follow our training on The 2018 Longest Ride Strava Group.

Idai’s goal in 2018 is to ride 2,700km (1,700-miles) under Audax UK rules. Alongside any other elliptical bike riders who join him for his full journey, he will attempt to jointly set a new Elliptical Bike Guinness World Record for the return journey between John o’Groats and Land’s End (also known as the Double End-to-End).

When Adam got married Garai Makaya was his Best Man. So Adam will be putting in his longest bike ride in memory of one of his closest friends. Adam’s long ride goal for 2018 is to do at least 2 x Iron Man distance (for each of the Iron Man events he does) and specifically for the 2018 Longest Ride Challenge he will do twice the Ironman cycling distance in one ride (360.5km or 224-miles). He will do his Longest Ride challenge on either ‘end’ of Idai’s Double End-to-End challenge (riding with Idai and the End-to-End group). He will also do his best to help raise funds for the Documentary Project.

Alan’s goal in 2018 is to ride 2,700km (1,700-miles) with Idai, under Audax UK rules. He will jointly attempt to set a new Elliptical Bike Guinness World Record for the return journey between John o’Groats and Land’s End (also known as the Double End-to-End).

Alex achieved his longest ride in his Easter Arrow Audax on Good Friday, this year. He rode 256.6-miles in a single day, riding from Edinburgh to York. But he’s not done yet. He still plans to achieve a triple century (300-miles) and also to complete the 900-mile long End to End ride (from John o’Groats to Land’s End) which will be his lifetime longest ride.

Amy can’t join Idai on the Double End-to-End ride, but she says she’d still like to be part of The 2018 Longest Ride Challenge by pledging to do her lifetime longest ride this year. In her own words: “I’ve been riding an ElliptiGO 8C for roughly three years (since March 2015). In that time, I’ve ridden over 42,000km (26,000mi) on it, but as yet, my longest ride is only just over a metric century (105.3km / 65.4mi). My goal for 2018 is to better that ride by completing an imperial century ride (161km / 100mi) on my ElliptiGO 8C.”

Andrew W. has set himself the goal of riding 200-miles in one day, during an unsupported solo ride set to take place in October 2018.

Andy’s goal in 2018 is to better his longest cycle ride of all time, which is 162km (101-miles).

Anissa gave the following message when she joined the 2018 Longest Ride Challenge: “My standing PR as of 2018 is an unofficial 101. In January 2018 of this year, my plan was to do a official century on my 11R ElliptiGO to celebrate my 2-year Breast Cancer Survivorship (my anniversary was on June 1st, 2018.) But, as of March 1st, I had been struggling with pelvic rotation issues and a PSOAS Strain for about 8 months and felt like I was chasing my tail. I finally, decided to change up my routine. I started going back to gym to strength train, incorporated a couple days of yoga therapy and I have continued to improve weekly since then. So In May I decided to refocus on my goal of doing an official Century. And, instead I decided to ride 130 miles/209.2 K with Bryan Pate and some fellow stand-up riders in San Diego on (International Elliptical Cycling Day (IECD). But, logistics have gotten in the way a bit. So I re-planned my route. And now I am riding solo on IECD from Santa Monica to San Diego and I will meet up with the southern ElliptiGO crew and Bryan Pate on their return route up the coast. This ride isn’t just about achieving a new distance, it is about celebrating my Breast Cancer journey, honoring my spectacular life, and supporting Idai’s unconditional love for his brother Garai ….This isn’t the Finale, Its the Beginning!!!”

Ardy’s goal is to complete a Metric Century ride at a cycling event in August 2018. She’s been riding her ElliptiGO bike for 4 years and is at her best this year, after overcoming serious injuries 2 years ago.

Bob Re. is planning his longest ride for the end of April 2018 to celebrate his 62nd birthday! He’ll be doing a solo ride from Seattle WA to Solana Beach CA. That’s over 1,500-miles long and he plans to take 17-18 days to complete it! Bob’s current longest ride was done in May of 2016 (when he rode from Napa Valley CA to Las Vegas NV). It was over 700-miles long and took him 5.5 days to complete. That ride was done to celebrate his 60th birthday!

Bob Ro. has already done his longest ride ever – back on 1st January 2018 when he completed a 100km (62-mile) metric century ride! Although that ride absolutely counts for the 2018 Longest Ride Challenge Bob now plans to GO for 160km (100-miles) on 19th May 2018 – at the Davis Century in the USA (assuming, of course, that he makes it back from the TD Five Boro Bike Tour in one piece)! Bob is GOing to be a busy man in 2018!

Bryan H plans to surpass his current longest ride of 50.6-miles. He tells us: “I usually do solo rides, but will invite others to join my longest ride, some of whom are also ElliptiGO riders…
My goal is to complete my first 100K in 2018 while building up to my first century. I will be riding on the Knoxville, TN greenways…”

Bryan P has set himself the goal of riding 208km (130-miles) in an ElliptiGO group challenge ride, in the USA.

When Bryce joined the challenge he told us: “I have completed a handful of centuries but have barely gone much past 100-miles. Inspired by Idai, I plan to complete my Longest Ride in July 2018, riding 208km (130-miles) in an ElliptiGO group challenge ride in the USA. In awe of Idai, as my longest ride will be less miles than any single day he will ride during his epic challenge.”

Carol’s goal in 2018 is to ride 162km (101-miles) which would exceed her century ride (the longest ride she’s completed, to date). Her plan is to train up to 100-miles in her local vicinity, before completing 101-miles plus in an official cycling event.

Cathy sent the following message about her 2018 Goals: “Good luck on your epic ride Idai! I would like to join you, completing my longest ride this year. My current longest ride is 66-miles. My goal is to ride at least 70-miles. I will be completing this challenge on my own. I have been struggling this year with illnesses and injuries and have missed several group rides (where I could have completed the ride with the support of others). I would also be honored to wear the wristband honoring the memory of your brother Garai. Good luck this week…I’ll be cheering you on!”

Clay’s longest ride, to date, was the Bike the Coast Century ride 11/3/12 (to become member #66 in the ElliptiGO Century Club). His goal in 2018 will be to ride 200km (125-miles) during the 2018 Global ElliptiGO Riders Club Team Challenge! Clay says: “I look forward to following everyone on this 2018 journey! #RIDEFORGARAI”

Clint’s goal in 2018 was to exceed his longest ride distance of 100.3-miles!

When she joined the 2018 Longest Ride Challenge, Dainah told us: “I started riding an ElliptiGO just under two years ago to maintain my fitness. I’ve always been active, but exercise sometimes seemed like a chore. However, with the ElliptiGO exercise has become fun again. I have participated in two rallies and the NYC 5 Boro Tour and I think I’ve found my tribe ☺️ So far my longest Ride has been 64-miles. I live in the desert and the weather is finally starting to to cool. I look forward to surpassing 64-miles sometime this fall.”

Dave’s longest ride goal will be to complete a century ride this summer, in honour of his Dad who is suffering from both dementia and kidney failure. Dave said: “This will probably be my Dad’s last year with us, so I am looking to channel my energies into a series of challenges this summer, including two marathons. Idai’s Double End-to-End route almost comes straight past my house in Cornwall, so will look to join him on the way back to Land’s end.”

After failing to complete the 1,420km (890-miles) London Edinburgh London challenge (LEL 2017) due to a mixture of mechanical & physiological problems, David says he was not prepared to wait another 4 years to try again at LEL 2021. So in August 2018 he will attempt his longest ride ever – the 1,400km End to End ride from Land’s End to John o’Groats (‘LEJOG’). He aims to complete his challenge in 7 days (ridden as 7 x 200km rides, under Audax UK rules).

Debbie’s goal in 2018 is to exceed her current longest ride distance of 80km (50.2 miles).

Dell’s longest ride, to date, was 77km (48-miles) in the Clean Air Challenge on the Withlacoochee Trail (Florida, USA) last March. He plans to participate in that ride this coming weekend but this time around he wants to ride at least 80km (50-miles) and hopefully quite a bit more! Dell and his wife have been riding ElliptiGO bikes for over 2 years and enjoy every ride – whether with a group, or alone…

Dick set himself the goal in 2018 of exceeding 50-miles of riding, as his longest ride to-date.

Djohara is aiming to complete 117km (70-miles) as her lifetime longest ride in 2018. She says: “Looking forward to doing my longest ElliptiGO (SUB) ride challenge on 4/15 with Keri C. and Bill P. during the Belgian Waffle Ride. Distance: 117 km + 2000 m of climbing + 40% dirt trails = endless pain and stoke! Keri and I will be the first people to attempt this event on the new ElliptiGO SUB bike. My goal is to finish smiling, while still standing!”

Elisa’s goal in 2018 was to exceed her lifetime longest ride of 28.6-miles, which she achieved on 31 October 2018 when she covered 30-miles! What’s even better is that she has told us: “So far in 2018 I’ve ridden 1,787 miles, which is more than the most I have ridden in any previous full year (795-miles in 2017). Next year, in 2019, I’ll beat both!”

Eric B’s goal in 2018 is to complete a metric century ride (100km/62-miles) on his elliptical bike. It will be a solo ride – most likely in or around Houston, Texas, USA. So far, his longest ride has been 45-miles long.

Eric’s goal in 2018 is to ride 113-miles, which beats his current longest ride one-day total of 112-miles. He plans to do this as part of one of the Global ElliptiGO Riders Club challenges this year.

Francois’ goal this summer is to complete a metric century (100km/62-miles) and possibly even extend it to 70-miles (the same as his age)! He will travel the Eastern Trail from Portland Maine to Portsmouth, NH (USA). He’s also an ElliptiGO artist, so please feel free to check out Francois’ artwork on his website.

Frank’s plan is to ride farther than his longest ride of 120km (75-miles) in an organized cycling event, sometime in 2018. He’s not sure when or where yet (maybe in Florida, where he lives – or in San Diego, where he spends a few months each year). And Frank will ride either by himself – or with some other friends who ride ElliptiGO bikes…

Guido’s goal in 2018 is to ride 230km (144-miles). He’ll do his ride around the end of July, or in August. He says: “It is huge for me, because I am a typically explosive type of guy (doing short bursts of high performance riding). So it’ll be a challenge for me to go long. My route is from Heerlen to St.Vith (close to the border with Luxemburg) and back. Maybe, just maybe, I can touch the Luxemburg border. That would be 270+km of riding!

Henry’s goal in 2018 is to ride 500km (313-miles) with Idai during the Double End-to-End challenge.

Ian and his 14-year-old son Nathaniel plan to do a 300km circular loop in around 18 hours (or quicker)! It will be Nathaniel’s longest ride!

Jack joins the 2018 Longest Ride Challenge from Singapore! He’s had an ElliptiGO 8C since 02-Jan-2015 and an ElliptiGO Arc 8 since 17-Jun-2016. His longest ride on the 8C took place in September 2017 and was 165 km (101-miles) long. Last year he’d wanted to do a DIY Audax 200km (125-miles) ride (with a time limit of 13:30 hrs) but he didn’t get to do it. So he now plans to do the 200km Audax ride sometime in early April 2018. It will be a solo ride, in Singapore. Jack then hopes to GO even further in another planned group ride with other cyclists, which is taking place at the end of June 2018. That ride will be approximately 240 km long and will be a return ride starting in Singapore and ending in Melaka (in Malaysia) with a day off in between the out and return journeys. This 3 day tour will coincide with days 7 & 9 of Idai’s Double End-To-End Challenge and both rides will be done on his ElliptiGO 8C.

James is aiming to ride more than 1,000km (625-miles) under Audax UK rules this year. He’d like to do the Mille Cymru Audax, if he can get a place, otherwise he’ll look at alternatives (maybe even a solo DIY Audax challenge over 1,000km instead). He tried the 1,230km (765-miles) Paris Brest Paris (PBP) in 2015 but had to rest and then turn back at Loudeac (449km into the 619km first half) due to a huge ‘bonk’…

Jane’s goal in 2018 is to ride more than 180km (111-miles), which is currently her longest ride. She plans to do it as part of a century bike event in the USA and she’ll be doing this challenge ride as a tribute to her beloved nephew, Ryan Keenan, who sadly died unexpectedly in June 2016.

Jean lives in Southern Maryland (the heart of Blue Crab country). She’s planning to ‘attack’ the Virginia Cap2Cap Century Ride on 12th May 2018 for her Longest Ride Challenge. She would dearly love to cross the Atlantic and join Idai, but alas, she will only be there in spirit for the Double End-to-End!

Jeanne’s longest ride was 163km (102-miles) back in March 2015. She had an accident 2 months later with a car and finally felt she could attempt it again towards the end of 2017. She completed a ride of 166km (103.8-miles) on 28th February 2018 to become the first person listed in the 2018 Longest Ride Challenge to accomplish their lifetime longest ride goal! Well done Jeanne!!!

Jeff L. has set himself the goal in 2018 of riding 184km (115-miles) in a single ride. It will be his longest ride on any bike.

Jeff M. told us: “My longest single ride of 124-miles was the California Tour of the Alps (aka “The Death Ride”) back in 2015. I plan to do that again this year, but hope to break my single longest ride distance before then. Additionally, I also hope to break my highest mileage month (1,000 miles) and highest single climb (5,194 ft) this year. Gotta do something since my competitive running days are over!”

Jim’s goal is to exceed his prior longest ride of 703km in 2018. He will also be joining the first half of the Double End-to-End ride and accompanying Idai on the initial 300-miles of the challenge. He looks forward the camaraderie and also to seeing a lot more of the UK.

Jodi gave us the following background information when she joined the 2018 Longest Ride Challenge: “I’ve been an ElliptiGO rider since 2013, but my longest ride has only been 31.4 miles (according to Strava). I was always athletic, raised by a father who was a nationally ranked gymnast. I wasn’t allowed to participate in gymnastics, however, since my sister, who is 7 years older, had repeated shoulder dislocations & the doctor said it wasn’t a good idea for me to follow in those footsteps because I already showed some of the same joint issues. Instead, I was primarily a swimmer, but I also played tennis & ran until my 4th knee surgery nixed those in college. I’ve had a lot of injuries & surgeries – both knees, ankles, feet & shoulders – but we had always been the bendable buddies and I just assumed that was due to loose joints. It wasn’t until my daughter was about 13 (7 years ago) & had had both knees repaired plus 2 different spinal fusions for instability that she & I were diagnosed with Ehlers-Dalos Syndrome – hers is much more involved & she often needs a wheelchair to get around due to pain and instability. I have always been able to hold my body together by being active, so when I first saw the GO I knew it would be good for me. Due to all the joint injuries – both large & small – I now have lots of arthritis throughout my body & I am ecstatic to have something that allows me to get out & GO. My goal is to ride at least 35-miles. My daughter is unable to join the ride, but my ElliptiGO 8C is on an indoor trainer in the living room & her hope is for 8-minutes on the indoor trainer, as a support for me…”

Jordan’s goal is to exceed his previous best of 255-miles of riding within 24 hours, on an elliptical bike. He will attempt this ambitious challenge at a 24 hour cycling event in September 2018 in the USA.

Julie’s longest ride, to date, is the Bildeston Audax (which should have been around 100-miles long but she ended up doing 107-miles)! She’s put off doing a 200km (125-mile) Audax since joining Audax UK because, more often than not, she does these rides solo. But this challenge is the motivation she needed and she’d really like to become a randonneur this year – regardless of whether or not she has anyone to accompany her…

Julie B’s goal in 2018 is to increase her current longest ride from 23-miles to 35-miles, after her husband bought her an ElliptiGO bike as a gift.

Kathy’s longest ride goal will be to complete a metric century (100km). She told us: “After struggling with joint pain for so many years, a combination of diet changes, lifestyle changes and my beloved ElliptiGO, have made this seem possible. I celebrate my 2 year anniversary of getting Katydid (my first ElliptiGO!) in June 2018 and I’m ready to expand my distances. I hope to accomplish my metric century in July 2018.”

Katie’s goal in 2018 is to better her current longest ride distance of 160km (100-miles). She aims to ride 168km (105-miles) this year – hopefully on one of the great paved trails in Minnesota, USA.

Keri’s longest ride was the California Death Ride (120-miles long). So she will aim for 208km (130-miles) in 2018 and plans to ride in the USA with Bryan, during his ElliptiGO group ride challenge.

Kitty’s goal in 2018 is to ride 600km (375-miles) under Audax UK rules.

Lamorna’s 2018 goal was to ride 90-miles in a single day. Her longest multi-day ride was 525-miles long (achieved during the 8-day Arthritis Foundation Tour Ride) and her single-day longest ride was 85-miles (also achieved during the Arthritis Foundation event).

Lyn’s longest ride was 112km (70-miles) which she accomplished on 30th September 2017. In 2018 Lyn hopes to GO further – perhaps as far as 160km (100-miles)?

The Makaya Kids have pledged to support their Dad (Idai) in the 2018 Longest Ride Challenge. Their goal is to exceed their current longest ride of 16-miles (26km). So in 2018 they aim to complete a 20-mile (32km) ride! And they will also do their bit to support their Dad’s fundraising efforts!

Mark’s goal in 2018 is to ride 300-miles with Idai during the Double End-to-End challenge, to set himself a new longest ride distance.

Mark M. has sent us this inspiring message about his Longest Ride Challenge: Last year was my first year of serious riding. In fact, it was only my second year of ever riding. Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis left some damage to joints in my lower back, and since the age of 14 I never was able to run (can’t take the pounding) or ride a bike. Can’t bend over for very long without considerable discomfort. While I was blessed to actually outgrow the JRA and have no new damage to this day, it wasn’t until I discovered the ElliptiGO that I dared take a chance on any kind of bike. But I found the GO was not only pain free, but actually left me feeling better after riding – no matter what I felt like starting out. Last year I gradually built up, doing my first ‘half century’ in July (50 miles) and my first Metric Century (66 miles total) in September. If you told me 3 years ago that I’d ever (let alone at age 60) be able to ride a human-powered device for 66 miles I would have laughed at you. 😊 So my goal for this challenge is to exceed 66 miles, and my target is to do a minimum of 75 miles. It will likely be in September, when the weather is a little cooler and I’ve had a little time to prepare for it. When I put those numbers in writing it still seems a little difficult to believe that I can do it. But I promise I will give it my absolute best effort.”

Marty’s goal for 2018 is to exceed his current longest ride distance of 50-miles.

Michael’s goal in 2018 is to get back to peak fitness levels after a few years at sub-par fitness and to successfully complete a Super Randonneur Series (200km, 300km, 400km & 600km cycling events) under Audax UK rules. The Super Randonneur series is among the most demanding standards achievable in Audax Long-Distance Cycling & Mike will also be helping Idai’s fundraising efforts. What a year it will be for him!

Mike’s goal in 2018 was to ride more than 120-miles in the Triple Bypass cycling challenge, with some distance added on…

Molly’s goal in 2018 was to exceed her previous longest ride distance of 100-miles and she successfully achieved this  on 31 October 2018 when she rode 111-miles!

Monika’s Goal in 2018 is to better her longest ride of 100km (62-miles) which she completed at the end of 2017.

Nic’s goal is to ride from London to Paris (185-miles) from 18th to 20th September 2018. He said: “This will be my first long ride on the ElliptiGO and I have never done a cycling event, so I am looking forward to the adventure.”

Neil’s goal in 2018 is to ride 208km (130-miles) in the USA, with Bryan, during his ElliptiGO group ride challenge. He will attempt this despite his very serious asthma (which often limits how much riding he can do).

Nigel’s goal in 2018 is to ride 200km (125-miles) with Idai in April 2018.

Patricia told us: “My longest ride ever was at an ElliptiGO meet, on July 12, 2014 in Solana Beach, CA. I was 56 years-old and rode 56.8 miles, to match my age. I’m 60 now and my goal is to ride 58 miles to beat my longest previous ride. I don’t know that I’ll get in 60 but I’m GOing to try. My son lives 32.6 miles away from me in Colorado so I think I’ll make his house my destination and then return home. I’m waiting for the right weather because it’s too hot for me right now. I imagine I’ll accomplish my ride in September 2018.”

Paul B has 3 Big goals for 2018. #1 The Acme Grand 1,000km (625-miles) Audax ride, on a road bike. #2 A 400km (250-miles) cycling event, under Audax UK rules (although he’s not sure which one yet) on the ElliptiGO 8C Bike. #3 And (although not a ride, we’ll be nice and include it here, because it’s a great goal!) a 100km (60-mile) walk with his wife and their dog. There will be no real time-limit, but he hopes to do it within daylight hours.

Paul H’s longest ride goal in 2018 is to ride 200km (125-miles).

Paul W’s goal in 2018 is to ride 200km (125-miles) to set himself a new longest ride distance.

When he joined the challenge Pete told us: “My goals for 2018 are to ride a total of over 4,000-miles (a feat I last achieved as an Audax UK member in 1987) and to complete a single ride of over 200-miles in length! Many thanks to Idai and to Steve Abraham for the inspiration…”

Rebecca shared her longest ride intentions recently, telling us: “The ride I am planning is a hilly trip from Vancouver, BC Canada to Whistler, BC. It is 122 km long, which is longer than the previous 100 km (mostly flat) longest ride I have completed. The reason I am choosing this particular location is because last year I tried to join the Whistler Gran Fondo, to have a group to ride with. However, the organizer was a ‘bike snob’ and would not let me enter on an ElliptiGO bike. So instead, I will ride in August, a couple of weeks before the Gran Fondo, and I have invited my friends to join me in Whistler for the weekend. I am looking forward to the ride and the fun afterwards. If this works out (and I don’t die of exhaustion), then my next challenge will be the return trip as well!”

The furthest Robert’s ridden is 165km (103-miles), in a group century ride (he rode an additional 3-miles because he took a wrong turn)! His goal in 2018, among others, will be to ride any amount farther than 165km (103-miles). He doesn’t have a specific event picked out, but will train for the challenge and find a target event. He even hopes he can convince his wife, “Squawking Tiger” (also pictured) to join him – because she is always the inspiration that keeps him GOing when the GOing gets tough.

Having recently triumphed in his battle against Leukemia, Ron has dramatically improved his fitness and now wants to challenge himself to exceed his current longest ride of 51-miles. Ron, you’ve got this!

Shanthi will be cycling 300km on an indoor bike (over 2 consecutive days) and she would like to do the challenge during the days when Idai will be riding (so she can be with him in spirit). Shanthi is Idai & Garai’s cousin – Garai walked her down the aisle at her wedding, to give her away on behalf of the Makaya family. She is not a cyclist, so this challenge will be completely new ground for her…

Simon’s goal in 2018 is to ride 300km (200-miles) to set himself a new longest ride distance.

Steve A. had the goal in 2018 to complete his longest ride, starting on 4th March 2017 and ending on 3rd March 2018. That longest ride has turned out to be  about 115,680km (72,300-miles) long and has taken a full year for Steve to complete! However, Steve is planning to join Idai during Double End-to-End ride this year and to ride a yet-to-be-determined distance.

Steve H. is aiming to complete a 130-mile ride as part of a group ElliptiGO challenge along the California coast…

Steve L. has set himself the goal in 2018 of completing the Triple Bypass cycling challenge in Colorado (120-miles of riding & 11,000 feet of climbing)!

Sue is aiming for a century as her lifetime longest ride. She tells us: “Last year I rode 75 miles as my longest ride to date. I would like to ride full century later this year. My goal is to live life fully and to stay active as long as I possibly can. You can’t do that from the couch.”

Tim is new to ElliptiGO training and has  already had ElliptiGO training capture a piece of his heart. Tim’s ridden 2 Metric century’s so far and plans on GOing for 100-miles very soon, which will be his longest ride. He’s been GOing about 250- 270 miles per week at this present stage of his “new-found love with GOing” and is hoping to ride the Capitol Trail in Richmond VA (both ways, for a total of 106-miles) in the near future. He aims to do this ride shortly before the Five Boros ElliptiGO Group Tour Ride in New York, which he also hopes to take part in.

Tom H. plans to exceed his current longest ride of 100.1-miles. This is how he’ll do it: “Although I vowed to never, ever, do another century ride following the trauma of achieving that goal, I’d like GO back on that decision and join The Longest Ride Challenge in support of #rideforgarai. My proposal is to meet up with fellow GO rider Andy and ride to Warrington in time to meet up with Idai during the Double End-to-End and then ride to Lancaster. Following refreshments, Andy and I will turn for home. As this represents covering the section in both directions, that’s around 100-miles. It won’t take any planning or complex navigation to ensure that I build upon my longest ever ride distance (of 100.1 miles) on the home-bound leg!!!

Thomas. has set himself a goal in 2018 to exceed 600km (390-miles) which is the length of his current longest ride. He plans to ride the full 1,350km (850-mile) End to End route, from John o’Groats to Land’s End (with Alan and Idai during their Double End-to-End Challenge)!

Tony shared his 2018 Longest Ride Challenge goals as follows: “My aim for this year is to first break the metric century (100km) then go for the Imperial century (100-miles). I am training for a 185-mile London to Paris ride in September 2018, which will be my lifetime longest ride. I hope to first break 100-miles during the Dunwich Dynamo in June (if I can get my wife to pick me up at the finish) and then 185-miles, from London to Paris, in September.”

Waldon’s goal is to complete the DC 20-mile bike ride on his ElliptiGO in May 2018. He’s had a tough recent few years, due to health and personal challenges, so although the distance sounds ‘modest’ it will be a big challenge for his current health situation…

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