Penny Fogel

Name: Penny Fogel (Los Angeles, CA, USA).

Job: Attorney at Law, Certified Worker’s Compensation Specialist, Mother, life-long Runner.

Age at PBP 2015: 52.

Personal: Wonderful daughter Emily and son Max. Was married for over 20 years.

Interests: Challenges. I have raced to the top of Mount Baldy, crawled through mud for the Gladiator’s Rock and Run, explored glaciers in Iceland, completed a ½ marathon and trotted with the turkeys this past Thanksgiving (5 K race). The only good thing about getting older is the time that used to guarantee a last place gets you first in your age group!

Sporting Background: MSU Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Snowboarding, Hiking, Weight Lifting, Skydiving, Bungee Jumping, Biking, Swimming in the Ocean and Hockey.

Why PBP?: I have always wanted to complete an extreme endurance event and, with the ElliptiGO, I can accomplish my goal!

Favorite Phrase: “Never moon a werewolf…”

My Training Plan:

Monday: Rest day or cycle/spinning.

Tuesday: Body Pump (weight lifting class).

Wednesday: Easy run and ElliptiGO ride (1 – 2 hour duration).

Thursday: Run Club Spectrum (10K plus) fast, with hills.

Friday: Moderate ElliptiGO ride (1 hour to 3 hour duration), weights.

Saturday: Long ElliptiGO ride – building up to 100 miles.

Sunday: Easy run, followed by Bikram Yoga (1 + ½ hours at 110+ degrees).

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