Ben Cox – 2017 Goals


Age: 31

Location: North Wales

Personal information: Married with 2 children and full-time teacher.

Interests: Endurance Events – I aim to only enter challenges that will push me to my limits.

Sporting Background: Until my late teens I played rugby – until injury forced 2 knee reconstructions (and an end to contact sports). Currently do short distance running, endurance cycling and riding my GO!

Goals for 2017: In 2017 I would like to complete an Audax Super Randonneur Series (200km, 300km, 400km & 600km Audax rides) on the ElliptiGO. I aim to structure my training more, whilst still keeping the variety in my riding (including the ‘GO, Mountain bikes, Road bikes and running).

I would like to explore how focusing on ‘time spent on the bike’ (rather than putting a focus totally on mileage) impacts upon training.

How I train: My training has to fit around 2 young children, and work, so I generally only manage one or two long rides a week. I keep an eye on my diet too, and am aiming to drop a couple of stone this year to help with the endurance riding.

Below is a rough outline of a typical week, however things can vary depending on weather and how I am feeling. I believe it is important to listen to your body (whether it is telling you it wants to keep going for an extra 10 miles, or that it needs to rest).


Monday: Generally a gentle run of between 5 or 10km after work. Fairly flat, before I have to pick up the kids from child care.

Tuesday: Group night ride on the road bike with the guys I cycle with every week. Generally around 50 miles at 18mph average speed.

Wednesday: Either a run or EliptiGO ride (on the indoor trainer if weather is bad) for 1 hour after work.

Thursday: rest

Friday: A ride of some description – be it road, mtb, or GO! Either 2 hours outdoors or 1 hour on the indoor trainer (depending on weather).

Saturday: Local Parkrun first thing in the morning. Depending on family plans an hour ride during the afternoon.

Sunday: Longer ride, either on the ElliptiGO or road bike. Usually between 4 and 6 hours, with a cafe stop included.

Diet and nutrition: I have more recently started to focus on my diet and nutrition. I try to ensure I eat only 3 times a day (roughly over an 8 hour window, leaving my body fasted for 16 hours).

I generally have my first meal at 11 o’clock – which is generally fruit. This is followed soon after by lunch (at 12:00) which will generally consist of flavoured/spiced rice.

Tea is usually 19:00 and is a balanced ‘meat and 2 veg’ type meal. I drink a lot of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. I also take black tea and coffee.

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