Henry Dodwell – 2017 Goals

Henry D

Age: 40.

Location: London.

Interests: Most sports, geology, Germany.

Sporting Background: Competitive running since the age of 13, mainly track and cross-country for Highgate Harriers, plus a few years playing club football – and early years competing at swimming.

2017 Goals: My aim in 2017 is to ride in some cycling events in the USA (while on holiday there) and also to ride in a range of Audax UK long-distance cycling events – alongside new ElliptiGO riders aspiring to become Randonneurs (over distances ranging between 200km and 600km).

How I train: 

Below is a video of one of Henry’s training sessions in London:

My training plan is rather changeable to fit around my job as a freelance consultant in the oil and gas industry. However, I always aim to ride around 150 ElliptiGO miles per week and swim twice a week with a triathlon club (3000-4000m total each session).

I usually ride 4 to 5 times a week, involving three types of ride: hard 20-30 miles (av.150-160 bpm heart rate) around a 3 mile flat circuit with sport cyclists; easy 20-30 mile commute around London; and steady 30 to 50 miles (at 140-150 bpm average heart rate) outside of London, sometimes with other sport cyclists.

My overall aim is to return to middle-distance-running by the end of 2017, and be competitive in 2018, using the ElliptiGO as the dominant training method for my running.

Something most people don’t know about me: I was in the Royal Air Force (briefly).

Favourite Phrases: “Auf gehts!”