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Kitty breaks the recordJanuary: Experienced riders Andy and Tim put in a 200km Audax ride on ElliptiGO Arc bikes in a calendar event in Oxford.

March: Idai put in a DIY 200km Audax ride on an ElliptiGO Arc bike and Scott also put in a successful 200km ride (in a calendar randonneur cycling event in Ohio, in the US) officially becoming an ElliptiGO Randonneur. Stuart also completed the longest ride of this month – a 300km calendar Audax UK event in Oxford.

April: Scott put in a 300km ride in Ohio, in the US – another calendar randonneur event – and another sterling effort! Tim also completed a 200km Audax calendar event, with over 15,000 feet of climbing (an incredible effort, finishing in just 12 hours)!

May: Idai and Thomas put in a successful DIY 200km Audax ride on 7th May and on 8th May Mark completed his first DIY 200km Audax ride (after doing a few shorter DIY Audax rides earlier this year, to prepare himself and get used to self-navigation).

On 20th May, Andy, Idai, Stu and Tim accompanied Kitty (from Holland) in her first 400km Audax ride, an epic adventure which was completed in 26 hours and 8 minutes, covering 404km. During this ride Kitty also set the best ever women’s ElliptiGO 24 hour distance (covering 370km in the first 24 hours of the 404km ride)!

On the same day Scott completed his first 400km randonneur event (in Ohio), and now he’s has almost completed his Audax Super Randonneur Series. His final challenge in the Super Randonneur Series will be to complete a 600km event in under 40 hours (which will take place in June 2017)…

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