Our Goal was to ride 1,230km (764-Miles) on ElliptiGO Bikes – Within 90 Hours!!!

Group Start

The Mission:

To assemble a team of ambitious and dedicated individuals (from all walks of life) and to train to take on the world’s oldest, most prestigious (and largest) long-distance cycling event – the Paris Brest Paris (PBP 2015) cycling challenge – riding on ElliptiGO bikes.

Held every four years, PBP is a 1,230km (764-mile) randonnee cycling event running between the French cities of Paris and Brest, with a time limit of 90 hours (within which riders must get from Paris to Brest – and back again). Over 6,000 riders took part in PBP 2015 from 16-20 August 2015.

To qualify to ride in PBP 2015 all the riders had to complete a “super randonneur series” of qualifying Audax events in the 2015 season (rides of 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km – within the standard Audax time-limits for each distance).

What’s it like to ride in such an epic long-distance event on an ElliptiGO Bike?

Below is a film of the ElliptiGO Team ride at PBP 2015…


Team Results & News Blog.

Idai’s PBP 2015 Post-Ride Report.

How do we train for events like this?

Roll of Honour (List of ElliptiGO Team Randonneurs).


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