Scott A. Blower – 2017 Goals

Age:  57.

Location:    Lancaster, Ohio, USA.

Personal Information:  Married with 2 adult children.  I work as a Grounds Manager for Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.

Background:  Sports and fitness have always been an important part of my life.  I first rode an ElliptiGO this past spring and now that is the most important aspect of my fitness plan, doing century rides on the weekends.

Goals 2017: I am registered for the Audax Super Randonneur Series (200km, 300km, 400km & 600km Audax rides), which I plan to finish in June 2017.  Upon successfully completing the series, my goal is to be welcomed to The Team and to ride events in Europe.

2017 Results: Scott completed his first official 200km Audax ride to achieve ElliptiGO Randonneur Status on 25 March 2017. Read an event report from RUSA on this link and keep track of the USA Ohio completion list on this link. In April 2017 Scott went on to achieve 300km validation in another Ohio Randonneur event and on 20th May 2017 he completed a 400km Ohio Randonneur event.

Scott continues to progress towards achieving the full Audax Super Randonneur Series in June 2017. You can follow his progress on the links below:

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