Billy Grace – 2017 Goals

Billy Grace

Age: Born in 1971.

Location: Jersey.

Personal Information: Married to Jane, a marathon runner, and we have four children.

Sporting Background: Intermittent 800m-to-half-marathon runner limited by injury, work, family commitments and education/professional exams. Focused on the shorter end of that range – just about 2 mins for 800m and 16 mins for 5000m at my peak (representing Jersey in the Island Games).

Running career badly affected by injury, requiring surgery twice, ultimately causing the end of my running (and needing an endurance sport that was intense and fun – but kinder to the body and my particular injuries). Hence the ElliptiGO, which has been a revelation for me. Been riding since June 2013.

Longest ride (as at January 2016): Paris Brest Paris 1,230km Randonnee.

2017 Goals: Plan to do preparatory Audax rides ranging from 200km-600km, as preparation for my main goal for the year, the London Edinburgh London (LEL 2017) 1,400km Audax randonnee event (which has a time-limit of 116hrs & 40min).

How I train:

Billy EWC 2016

This is a sample training week (6-12 April 2015) during qualification for the 1,200km Paris Brest Paris Audax. I did my 200km qualifying ride on 29 March 2015 and my 300km qualifying ride on 18 March 2015, so this was the training week between the two Audax events and represented a really tough week sandwiched between two easy weeks.

*HR = Heart Rate. *Avg = average. *Ascent = cumulative ascent for session.

Monday (Easter Monday – not working): ElliptiGO hill ride (3 Hours), 55.1km at Avg speed 18.33kph, Avg HR 114bpm, Max HR 150bpm, Ascent 913m – followed immediately by one hour on the ElliptiGO indoor trainer (Avg HR 93bpm). So a total of 4 hours, training fasted (zero-calories).

Tuesday: Gym – weights – legs, ElliptiGO home easy, 7km at 21.2 kph, Avg HR 110bpm, Max HR 134bpm, Ascent 38m, Versaclimber 10 mins (1,575 feet of climbing).

Wednesday: ElliptiGO ride to work – 10.7km at 25.08kph, Avg HR 125bpm Max HR 154bpm Ascent +23m, ElliptiGO ride back home – 7km at 21.2kph, Avg HR 112bpm Max HR 135bpm, Ascent + 39m.

Thursday: ElliptiGO ride to work – 10.7km at 27.6kph, Avg HR 143bpm, Ascent +17m, Pilates, ElliptiGO ride back home 6.9km at 22.5kph, Avg HR 125bpm, Max HR 147bpm, Ascent + 37m.

Friday: ElliptiGO ride to work – 10.7km at 25.2kph, Avg HR 125bpm, Max HR 145bpm, Ascent + 19m, ElliptiGO ride back home – 1hr38min, 37.6km at 22.9kph, Avg HR 123bpm, Max HR 152bpm, Ascent +241m.

Saturday: Fasted ElliptiGO ride (zero-calories), vertical Km target was to break 3h – took 2hrs 58min to cover 52.9km at 17.7kph, Avg HR 122bpm, Max HR 160bpm, Ascent +1,030m (no hills bigger than 100m in Jersey)!

Sunday: ElliptiGO fasted 100km ride (zero-calories), a mix of road and indoor riding. 76km on the road in 3hrs 18min – Avg speed 22.95kph, Avg HR 115bpm, Max HR 140bpm, Ascent +123m, followed by 60 mins on indoor trainer.

*Total of 319km (includes estimate for indoor trainer ride) in 10 sessions, includes 2,337m of ElliptiGO climbing, weights, Pilates and Versaclimber (a type of indoor stepper machine).


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