2017 Team Goals

Below is a list of rider profiles for ElliptiGO Ultra-Endurance Team riders (and aspiring Team riders) declaring their ElliptiGO long-distance cycling goals for 2017. The profiles also give some insight into the personalities and backgrounds of the various riders.

We encourage the setting of highly audacious goals for ElliptiGO Team riders, but the goals should be rationally devised. Easy goals are meaningless, so we try to work boldly towards finding our individual limits through a series of progressive intermediate goals, drawing us ever-closer to the limits of our bodies – and our imaginations.

If you want to join Our Team click here and get in touch right now! We’d love to have your goal-setting profile listed on this page too!


Jim Cremer in Action

Jim Cremer (ElliptiGO Randonneur)

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