The Rules

Below are the rules for The 2018 Longest Ride Challenge

The challenge to you in 2018, my fellow riders, is to also attempt your longest ride – ever. Your longest ride does not have to be quite as long as my planned longest ride, nor does it have to be on a bike like mine (although it can be, if you want it to)!

However, to satisfy the requirements for The 2018 Longest Ride Challenge, it simply needs to be the longest ride you’ve ever completed (on any type of bicycle that suits you). It can be 30-miles long, or it can be 300-miles long. And it can be done either in a single day – or across a series of days. So long as you’ve not done a longer ride before your 2018 Longest Ride Challenge, then it meets the requirements.

As much as I’d love it if everyone who joins this challenge rides alongside me during my own longest ride challenge, I also understand how difficult that might be for a variety of logistical reasons. So the goal of this challenge is for riders to complete their longest rides during 2018 – whether or not they attempt their longest rides at the same place and at the same time as my own Longest Ride Challenge.

I already have a long-standing (do you like that play on words?) track record which demonstrates that I can help most people achieve incredibly tough riding distances – and I will support everyone who joins my challenge to ensure that they prepare adequately and are successful in their endeavours.

The goal of this project is for us all to truly inspire and challenge ourselves – and each other. And the ultimate goal is for us all to succeed. So I have based the challenge mainly around the total distance to be covered (rather than focusing also on the pace of the ride) and if you are in any way drawn to the idea of completing the longest bike ride you’ve ever done please don’t procrastinateMake a commitment now and let’s strive to make 2018 the most successful year of our lives!

All I ask for in return for helping other riders to get involved in the 2018 Longest Ride Challenge is a genuine commitment to completing the longest ride they have ever done. I also seek their support in spreading the word about the 2018 Longest Ride Challenge (please use the social media hashtag #rideforgarai) and I hope some riders will use their own Longest Ride Challenges as sponsorship & fundraising opportunities for the charitable documentary film project which is outlined in the link below: 

Contact me directly if you have any further queries about the rules of the 2018 Longest Ride Challenge, or if you need further clarity on anything I’ve outlined here.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Idai Makaya