Fundraising Tips

Thanks for taking the big step and joining the 2018 Longest Ride Challenge. The information on this page is intended as a guide for those of you who choose to support the fundraising efforts for the documentary film project which has inspired The 2018 Longest ride Challenge.

With the fundraising effort spread among all the riders taking part in The 2018 Longest Ride Challenge the financial goal behind the challenge becomes much more achievable. And all the riders who choose to use their 2018 Longest Ride Challenges to help raise funds for the documentary project will be acknowledged in the film credits. But fundraising is completely optional (and is NOT a prerequisite for joining the challenge).

One way to assist in the fundraising is to consider taking up one of my charitable Personal Training Packages. Another way to help raise funds is to seek sponsorship from family, friends and colleagues. And you can also make a direct donation towards the documentary film fund. There’s a range of effective fundraising ideas that you can consider, some of which I will address below:

*Ensure that all your work colleagues are aware of your epic undertaking (and that they are aware that you are seeking sponsorship). Those of them who can support your fundraising are likely to make a contribution – or pledge – and many small donations will eventually add up to something more substantial.

Email, call, or text as many of your personal contacts as is possible – to alert them to your challenge. Don’t assume that everyone is aware of your Longest Ride Challenge if you haven’t directly told them about it. And the more people know about what you are doing, the more likely you will be to succeed at all your goals.

*Ensure that all your friends and family members are aware of your epic challenge and let them know that you are fundraising for the Longest Ride Challenge. You will find that friends and family will often feel bolder about going to their own workplaces, schools, etc, and helping to raise funds on your behalf by promoting your challenge!

*Keep all your social media networks updated on your training progress and make sure they are aware of your fundraising goals. It also helps to keep you publicly accountable, which something we all need to consider whenever we take on truly big challenges. Accountability to oneself – and to as many others as possible – often brings better results than endurance challenges which are carried out in secret.

*Consider asking people you know to sponsor as many miles of your ride as they feel able to commit to. You can do this by sharing your target goal distance and asking supporters to make suggested donations for each mile you will ride (suggestions such as £1 per mile, etc).

*Fund-raise offline by circulating a printed sponsorship form. This allows friends and family to help collect donations at their workplaces and helps share your challenge more widely within your local community.

*Consider setting up a fundraising page like mine. It is a reasonably simple process and takes just a few minutes. On the fundraising page you should tell your own story briefly, explain what you are looking at doing, how big a challenge it will be for you – and explain that you are looking for support and sponsorship. If you need any help with wording your own fundraising page please let me know and I will assist everyone in the 2018 Longest Ride Challenge who needs my input.

If you have questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thank you for reading this.

Kind Regards,
Idai Makaya

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