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My goal for 2018 will be to attempt the longest ride I have ever done. I will attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for the 2,700km (1,700-miles) return journey between John o’Groats & Land’s End, using my ElliptiGO bike. A key part of this goal will be to encourage and assist other riders (regardless of what type of bike they ride) to also complete their longest rides in 2018.

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In 2016 I rode my ElliptiGO bike from Land’s End to John o’Groats (the southernmost and northernmost points of Britain) to break the elliptical bike Guinness World Record for the famed End-to-End crossing of Britain.

My plan for 2018 is to attempt to ride double that distance on my ElliptiGO bike, in a Double End-to-End challenge. It will involve riding 2,700km (about 1,700-miles) from John o’Groats to Lands End and back to John o’Groats again. 

The Audax UK time-limit for the 2,700km Double End-to-End ride is 13.5 days (which is equivalent to 200km/125-miles per day). So that will be my target time-limit for the completion of this ride. If I am successful I’ll have also set a new Guinness World Record for the return journey between John o’Groats and Land’s End.

All my training for this challenge can be followed on My 2018 Longest Ride Training Blog (with brief weekly summaries and links to the actual workouts on my Strava Account).


My challenge to you in 2018, my fellow riders, is to also attempt your longest ride ever. Your longest ride does not have to be quite as long as my planned longest ride (although it can be, if you want it to)! However, for the 2018 Longest Ride Challenge, it simply needs to be the longest ride you’ve ever completed.

As much as I’d love it if everyone who joins this challenge rides alongside me during my own longest ride challenge, I also understand how difficult that might be for a variety of logistical reasons. So the goal of this challenge is for riders to complete their longest rides during 2018 – whether or not they attempt their longest rides at the same place and at the same time as my own Longest Ride Challenge.

I already have a long-standing (do you like that play on words?) track record which demonstrates that I can help most people achieve incredibly tough riding distances – and I will support everyone who joins my challenge to ensure that they prepare adequately and are successful in their endeavours.

The goal of this project is for us all to truly inspire and challenge ourselves – and each other. And the ultimate goal is for us all to succeed. So I have based the challenge mainly around the total distance to be covered (rather than focusing also on the pace of the ride) and if you are in any way drawn to the idea of completing the longest bike ride you’ve ever done please don’t procrastinateMake a commitment now and let’s strive to make 2018 the most successful year of our lives!

All I ask for in return for helping other riders to get involved in the 2018 Longest Ride Challenge is a genuine commitment to completing their longest ever ride. I also seek their support in spreading the word about the 2018 Longest Ride Challenge and I hope some riders will potentially use their own Longest Ride Challenges as sponsorship & fundraising opportunities for the charitable documentary film project which is outlined next


My motivation for this Longest Ride Challenge is to fund a documentary film about my late brother, the skydiver Garai Makaya, who passed away on 11th February 2017.

The proceeds of the documentary film will be dedicated towards fundraising projects which Garai had supported in Botswana over the years. I feel that such an outcome will fulfill my goals of telling Garai’s story through his skydiving community and assisting the charitable causes which he was so passionate about.

Garai was a renowned skydiver and adventure tourism pioneer based in Botswana. He played a key role in establishing skydiving as an official sport in Botswana and touched many lives along the way – through adventure tourism and also through the charitable work he did.

This documentary film will be about the skydiving community in Southern Africa and Garai’s skydiving legacy, so it will obviously be of tremendous interest to Garai’s sport, to his friends and to his family. But I also believe such a documentary will be of great interest to anybody looking for a really well-made, action-packed, thought-provoking and entertaining television sports-based documentary film (because we’ve partnered with an accomplished film-making organisation to handle the project from start to completion).

This documentary film project, like my Longest Ride Challenge, is an ambitious and audacious project. But it also involves a huge financial undertaking and I will need to raise at least £80,000 to cover its production costs (that’s the lowest realistic price for the documentary film to be made to the high standards required to enter the major film awards, which will allow it to generate the sort of surplus required to address the charitable goals of the project).


You can support (or become a part of) this project in a variety of ways, as listed below:

1* Skydivers (and any of Garai’s friends who read this) please come forward and let me know if you’d be happy to be considered as an interview subject for this documentary. If you know anyone else whom you think would be a relevant interview subject for the documentary please direct me to them as well. And if you have interesting video footage of Garai (which you think could be of potential use in the documentary) please get in touch.

2* Follow this link (or use the fundraising graphic above) to make a donation (of any size) towards the film production budget. Your support will be massively appreciated.

3* Join the Longest Ride Challenge and commit to completing the longest ride you’ve ever done! You can complete your Longest Ride Challenge with me (either during my own Longest Ride Challenge, or on a different date in 2018). And you can also complete your Longest Ride Challenge without me, if dates or geography get in the way. I’ll provide as much assistance as you need to get yourself ready for your longest ride, however and wherever you choose to do it.

4* Consider taking up a personal training package to help prepare you for your longest ride. Many of you will be aware that I have extensive experience of preparing ultra-endurance athletes for the most challenging  long distance rides in the world. Examples of some of these athletes are shown on the ElliptiGO Ultra-Endurance Team Roll of Honour and the case studies outlined on this Ultra-Endurance Training page show what can be achieved in just a few months of focused training.

5* You can also use your own longest ride challenge to assist in the fundraising for my documentary film project by seeking sponsorship of your Longest Ride Challenge within your own personal networks. With the fundraising spread among all the riders taking part in the Longest Ride Challenge the financial goal becomes much more achievable.

6* If you are a cyclist – and also a UK driver – we’ve teamed up with a car insurance provider which specialises in the insurance of drivers who also cycle. Because cyclists tend to be safe drivers, this firm can often get cyclists a better deal on their car insurance – just for being cyclists!

If you do take up their car insurance policy a £10 donation will automatically be made towards the documentary film project (upon signup – and then for every additional year that you remain with them).

To ensure that we get the £10 donation please use the online form on this specific link to sign up for the insurance quote and be sure to list “The Garai Makaya Documentary Project” as your awareness source. If you happen to get the quote over the phone please remember to mention “The Garai Makaya Documentary Project” to the operator as well.

7* If you are thinking of taking on your longest ride on an ElliptiGO bike, but you don’t yet own an ElliptiGO bike, you can buy an ElliptiGO bike directly from the ElliptiGO USA or ElliptiGO UK websites quoting “The Garai Makaya Documentary Project” in the comment section of the online order form (which will result in 10% of the pre-tax bike price you pay being added to the documentary film project fund).

I’ll be sure to get you into perfect shape for the challenge, but before taking any further action please contact me for a feasibility discussion. It is important to be sure this challenge is right for you before you invest in an ElliptiGO bike.


Below is a listing of all the riders taking part in the 2018 Longest Ride Challenge (note: this Rider List is still under construction). You can follow our training on The 2018 Longest Ride Strava Group.

Idai: My goal in 2018 will be to ride 2,700km (1,700-miles) under Audax UK rules. I will be attempting to set a new Guinness World Record for the return journey between John o’Groats and Land’s End (also known as the Double End-to-End).

Bryan’s goal in 2018 is to ride 208km (130-miles) in an ElliptiGO group challenge ride.

Henry’s goal in 2018 is to ride 500km (313-miles) with Idai during the Double End-to-End challenge.

Kitty’s goal in 2018 is to ride 600km (375-miles) under Audax UK rules.

Mark’s goal in 2018 is to ride 400km (250-miles) with Idai during the Double End-to-End challenge.

Nigel’s goal in 2018 is to ride 200km (125-miles) with Idai during the Double End-to-End challenge.

Paul’s goal in 2018 is to ride 200km (125-miles) with Idai during the Double End-to-End challenge.

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