Nigel Lee – 2017 Goals

Brighton Pier

Born: 1965

Location: Rustington, West Sussex.

Personal: Married with 2 children.

Sporting background: Very keen on playing sport until the age of 18. I then found myself in the sporting wilderness, where children fill all your spare time. In my late 30’s I started to play football and badminton.

At the age of 48 I had a hip replacement, which gave me a new lease of life. Ran the Brighton Marathon in 2016, loved the running – but I knew the hip wouldn’t last.

I feel a little out of my depth reading all the other team members bio’s but with Idai’s support I believe I can manage at least one ride of over 200km this year.

Unusual facts about myself: I was Sussex Octathalon Champion (at U16) and appeared on ‘The Weakest Link’ in 2008, winning a few pennies!

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